“Avalon inspires hope, vision, power of belief, caring, action,
collaboration, persistence and change.”

At the Avalon Group we help executives, leadership teams, professionals and private clients develop greater flexibility in the way they think and approach issues. It allows them to come up with more innovative and creative solutions to the challenges they face as leaders, members of a team and individuals.

Avalon Group ApproachWe provide counseling, coaching and consultative services to both individuals and teams with a primary focus on leadership development and team effectiveness; as well as assist people in dealing with personal and professional issues and challenges.

We use a unique “blended” approach of clinical, management and coaching elements to address issues that affect organizational, team and personal success. Part counseling/consulting when you need advice and/or information to solve problems; and part coaching when the solutions need to come from the individual.

Our belief is that successful change is achieved based on an individual’s strengths; and view weaknesses and problems as opportunities for growth.